Some of us know our skills don’t lie in painting, and we just hire painters. And many of us like to save the money and do it ourselves. Here is a list of tips that professional painters want you to know!

Select the right paint for the surface
You may not be able to tell right away if you have chosen wrong, but you will experience problems in the long run.

Select the right paint for the space
Paints come in many finishes (satin, eggshell, and semigloss). Also rooms like the bathroom should be mildew-resistant.

Prepare the surfaces
This step is so often skipped and can lead to failure. Remove wallpaper and loose or peeling paint. Sand down any glossy surfaces to dull and then wipe clean. And make sure to repair any cracks.

Loading up the brush or roller…
This can be tricky, because if you don’t have enough, you’ll need another coat. But you don’t want to glop paint on either. Apply a generous amount of paint on your brush or roller but not so much that it
drips everywhere.

Don’t leave painters tape on too long
Make sure you remove the tape before the paint dries. Waiting too long can result in peeling up the paint when you take the tape off.