Nail art has never been more popular thanks to artists like Billie Eilish, Adele, and the Kardashian girls, who all wave their creative fang nails at TV cameras. Plus the pandemic lockdown has caused a real pause in fashion, but nail art is something we can do at home! Expressing yourself with fingertip creativity is totally fun and best of all it doesn’t come in a size!  No matter what you had for breakfast, what you’re wearing or how your hair looks, you can still make a stylish impression with super cool nails. And the hottest trend in nail art is the ombré. 

Ombré nails are nails that fade from one color to another. You can do beautiful French ombré that fade from pink bases to white tips or something more dramatic like black bases that fade to turquoise tips. The slow blending of the colors is the key and that’s achieved by using the dip powder technology. 

All of the recent developments in nail art render a two to three-week look which has also made ladies more adventurous and willing to invest in fun fingernails. 

So even if you love living in your sweats, haven’t had your hair out of a scrunchy for months or put on lipstick for over a year, you can still have a little slice of fabulousness on each hand. 

You can do this! XOA