If you’ve been doing any spring cleaning lately, maybe you’ve noticed that your kids have too many toys! Many that don’t even get played with much anymore!
Whether you’re getting ready for Easter baskets or birthday presents, here are some great non-toy gift ideas!

– classes: anything your kiddo would enjoy – gymnastics, karate, ballet, hip hop, horseback riding – you name it!
– music lessons: anything goes – piano, violin, drums, or just general music classes (you may want to gift yourself some ear plugs too)
– piggy bank: help teach your kiddo about counting money and saving up for something they want
– mini globe: not only can you teach your child about geography, but you can also use it to make a bucket list of places
– costumes: nothing inspires imaginative play more than dress-up
– a staycation; or maybe one on one time with one child if you have multiple
– a cookbook: get or make one with lots of easy recipes that you and your little(s) can cook together
– memberships: endless possibilites to places like the local zoo, aquarium, museums, YMCA, etc.
– alphabet & number magnets: they create visual learning opportunities for your child
– a watch: younger kids can learn to tell time and feel grown up with their own watch
– something for their bedroom: get your child a new comforter set, a cool new chair or lamp, etc.
– art surfaces: canvases for painting, chalk boards, dry erase boards, etc.
– camping gear: even if you aren’t a camping family, their very own sleeping bag and “camping out” in the living room counts
– a bike: whether they know how to ride or are just learning, a new shiny bike is always a great gift
– games: old classics or brand new games are a great gift for family bonding
– a plant: help teach your child responsibility

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