As fall is heading toward us, you may have been faced with the parent dilemma “do I let my kiddo play on a team that practices or plays on Sunday?” Well, what if you take a page from one NFL Quarterback’s parents’ playbook?

Derek Carr is a pretty successful NFL All-Pro Quarterback, but not at the expense of his Sundays. He says faith was a priority in his parents’ home while growing up – so much so that he was not allowed to play on traveling teams if the game fell on a Sunday. That priority impacted Carr’s traveling football schedule. “If there was a game on Sunday, as a kid, we always told my traveling coach, ‘I’m not gonna be there, I’m gonna be at church.’ They made the priorities, the priorities. And it worked out for me – I made it to the NFL,” he said. The All-Pro quarterback said he wants his faith to be an outward expression of what he believes.