Proverbs 2:10-11

This Proverbs reading thing. Are you doing it with us? We’re reading through a book of Proverbs a day for the month of March. We did this before in July, so you wouldn’t think I’d still be seeing things like I’ve never seen them before, right? WRONG.

When I read this, I had to highlight it. Joy?? Wisdom will bring you JOY? I feel like I really never knew that. Ice cream, yes. But knowledge? Has that ever really brought me JOY? Why not?

The JOY you get from knowledge is WAY different than the joy you get from ice cream. The joy of ice cream lasts about 10 minutes…or 1 minute depending on the brain-freeze factor. After that usually for me, I feel regret. Why did I consume all those calories??! haha

But the joy you get from knowledge, from wisdom, from seeking the Lord lasts for eternity. I break down that word KNOWLEDGE to KNOW HIM. That’s how I look at it. And what could possibly bring more JOY than knowing him more?