Mousse is baack!

Recently I’ve talked to you about 80’s trends in fashion that are hot once more. Everything from Doc Martin’s, suspenders, neon and acid wash have all been reworked and made fresh for today. 
Well no surprise, another super hot 80’s item is once again finding its way into shopping carts the world over. 
If you have ever envied 80’s high hair, I can tell you it was achieved with hair mousse!  We all used it. We all loved it. But when hair became more natural in the 90s, the crunch-creating hair mousse trend fell off. 
But mousse is back and better than before. Today’s mouse has little or no alcohol, is moisturizing and even vegan if need be!
Define your curls or create volume in your wolf cut with a fabulous new and improved hair mousse. Dozens of companies are introducing new hair mousse products that help create current styles. 
If you haven’t tried mousse in years or ever, give one a try. 
You can do this! XOA