We’re all busy keeping things clean and wiping them down with antibacterial wipes. Which is a good thing, but only if you’re doing it right. Here are 9 mistakes that are frequently made that can sabotage your cleaning.

1. Using it for more than one thing. If you’re using your wipes for more than one area, you’re likely bringing germs from one area to the other.

2. Not reading the label. The label reveals “how long the product must remain wet on a surface to inactivate all the bugs,” something you’ve probably never even thought about.

3. Flushing it down the toilet. You certainly can use wipes, but throw it away rather than flushing it down the toilet. Even ‘flushable’ wipes should be thrown away so they don’t get caught up in the pipes.

4. Using it on your phone screen. While cleaning your electronics is certainly important, using antibacterial wipes on it could actually be damaging.

5. Storing them improperly. Most importantly making sure they’re closed tightly so that the wipes don’t dry out.

6. Using them on wood. Antibacterial wipes can damage wooden surfaces; there are no two ways to say it. Any kind of wood flooring or furniture you own should not be cleaned with antibacterial wipes.

7. Using them on visibly dirty surfaces. This might sound strange at first since cleaning is its entire purpose. But if you use it on a space that’s actively dirty, you could just end up pushing the dirt around. Removing dirt from surfaces should be a different process than disinfecting with wipes.

8. Using after their expiration date. You generally shouldn’t use them more than 2 years after purchased.

9. Using it on toys and pet bowls. Keep in mind cleaning products are not meant to be ingested, especially by children! So avoid using it on your pets’ food bowls or children’s toys (especially baby toys, which you know the tots are going to put in their mouths!).