Protecting your holiday finery and creating fun gifts too.
I’m often suggesting how to look comfortable and fabulous at holiday gatherings, but I’ve never really discussed how to be super cute and cover those duds up while you’re in the kitchen or making crafts with the kids.
No-sew holiday aprons are easy and let’s face it, can dress up your look at family events. I’ve been known to put on a basic black sweater dress and sport an elegant Christmas apron all day long during the holidays. Best of all you can easily make aprons for the ladies and men in your life.
Iron-on appliqués, no-sew glued-on marabou, bells and ribbons, all can be applied to basic inexpensive red, green or white aprons to create adorable or sophisticated protective coverings. You can even take a wide ribbon and holiday tea towel and make an apron in under 10 minutes.
Aprons don’t have to be the things of days gone by, they can be cute additions to your outfit and great gifts for the creators on your list.

We can do this!