Our Fashionista Andy Paige has some advice for how to do your make up while you’re masking!


So this week I started leaving my house a bit. I had a few things that I needed to get accomplished and I was faced with the fact that I had to wear a mask for several hours at a time. I have no problem with this mind you, but my new accessory caused me to completely change my cosmetic routine!

Let’s face it, when 2/3rds of your face is covered, and all you have is your eyes to show your smiling, your eye makeup takes on a whole new level of importance! You want to play up what people are seeing. Add some happiness, visual interest and unexpected color! So I did!

Blush, lipstick, contour??? They are no longer really relevant when sporting a Covid cover. So I simply wore a nourishing tinted moisturizer and some chapstick and focused all of my cosmetic attention on my eyes.

Colorful eyeshadow, an extra coat of mascara, great brows, highlighter and a fabulous concealer is what mask makeup is all about. So, take a little more time, practice your eye makeup and experiment a bit.

Make your peepers sing atop your mask and make it count.

As we return to our public life in a mask, we can actually enjoy this opportunity to play with your eye makeup. Remember, to most people you’re anonymous under there, so don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Just a play a little.

You can do this!