Denim is hardly a trend. We all live in jeans and chambray, but what is new is the denim-on-denim-on-denim look. It’s denim core.
What used to be considered the tacky Texas tuxedo, now is hot for spring 2024 and beyond… full-on denim overload. Imagine monochromatic denim from head to toe, handbags to hats.
You will find denim overcoats, cargos, bustiers, trouser boots, belts, stilettos, halters, handbags, headbands, and hats.
Everything imaginable is being created in denim. The fun part is layering them all together to create a purposeful “denim core” look.
This is not about matching your denim, it’s about layering your jean hues to create an artistic stroke of blue.
We can all do this one. Plenty of denim to be found in thrift stores and our own closet. And this trend is not about any specific style or cut of jeans or length of jacket or skirt. It’s about a denim explosion. A new approach to putting it all together.
We can do this!