Oh what a mess!!! This is going to be a rough week of driving all over West Michigan.  Are you ready?  To help you be better prepared for winter driving, you need these 9 items in your car to help keep your family safe.

(Thanks to our friends at Arie Nol Auto Center in Kentwood for this info),



Not only are these 9 things essential, but you will LOVE the bonus tip at #10!


  1. LED Flashers or Flares
  2. Boots
  3. Water
  4. Hand Warmers and Gloves
  5. Portable Battery Charger (for your phone)
  6. Jumper Cables
  7. A Blanket
  8. A Shovel
  9. Salt
  10.  Keep some chocolate in your car, just in case! 🙂