Emergency room doctors have seen it all when it comes to Independence Day related injuries and accidents! This year’s fourth of July is looking very different due to COVID-19 and more people will be doing fireworks from home than in previous years. Here are some recommendations from ER Doctors!

– Don’t use fireworks without protective eye wear
– Take every possible precaution before using fireworks
Like knowing which fireworks are legal in your area, have a water source readily available, make sure people are a safe distance away, etc.)
– Sparklers may seem safer than traditional fireworks but you shouldn’t let small children hold them, and if they do supervise them closely.
– Don’t buy or use fireworks sold in brown paper bags (often for professionals only)
– Dress appropriately for fireworks display (a light jacket or long sleeves are recommended)
– Never carry unlit fireworks in your pocket (there’s a potential of a nearby spark causing it to go off)
– Should someone get burned, apply room temperature water to your burn, NOT ice.
– Keep your shoes on
They see lots of kids and adults with burned feet that stepped on coals that were dumped out or other hot items
– Don’t use wire bristles to clean your grill
They can break off and remain on the grill and end up in your food and eventually in your stomach.
– Don’t squirt lighter fluid on your charcoal
Many people lose their eyebrows, burn their face or hair or even clothing after doing this.
– Stay hydrated
– No one swims alone
– Use sunscreen
– Remember to practice social distancing and be mindful of others