Trying to come up with a way to describe all that I witnessed God do this morning has me at a loss. Nothing seems quite grand enough but I’ll give it a shot. 

With having a canceled event, it left the day empty. God placed it on my heart to bring joy to our friends at a local boutique that had recently experienced an incredible amount of unfortunate events. As I picked out a bouquet of flowers I snagged a gas card as well for a future mission and headed over to the shop. As I was talking to one of the employees about praying over these two sweet owners, a lady came out of the dressing room…I had no idea she was even in there. We all got to talking and she shared in detail how hard the past few months have been on her family. She spoke about how it just seems like life was putting the load on her and she was feeling the weight. As she was talking I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to give what I had in my purse. The gas gift card. I pulled it out and explained that God was wanting her to have this gift to show her He was with her through it all and this was His way of hugging her. Needless to say we were all a sobbing mess and in awe of God in that moment. After she left, more and more people came through the door and each one that did was touched by God’s joy in some form, all of which stemmed back from dropping off the flowers. You always hear of the ripple effect that joy has but rarely do you actually get to see that in action. Today I did, and boy am I blown away. Everything that God did today, down to the perfect timing and placement of each detail, is so mind blowing that you cannot deny it being from anything but the Lord. I started my day with nothing on the agenda, not one thing that happened today was planned by me…but it was by the Lord. 

This is just a glimpse of God’s movement within the Joy Bus ministry. I encourage you to join us in the mission of spreading joy!! Let us celebrate what you are out there doing for God’s kingdom or reach out to us through the Joy Bus page at and let us know how we can join you! God is so good, let’s help the world feel that goodness. Go Jesus!