It can be hard to find pillows and fabrics that work outdoors! Today we’re learning how to make any fabric outdoor safe! It was found on this blog and you can read the full blog post here!

“Yup, Scotch Gard. I know you’ve heard of it & it’s honestly the most simple tip to making any fabric waterproof & outdoor safe. I sprayed everything from the rug, cushions, blankets, pillows, & beyond with it so that it was safe from the weather & now I was able to use normal everyday pillows from Home Goods out on our porch. I think I get asked probably three times a week how we keep our stuff outside safe from the elements…well, here’s the answer! I ended up getting two different kinds of Scotch Gard, but you can read the labels to see which one will work best for your situation. I chose the outdoor ones obviously because I wanted a lot of durability. All you do is spray on your desired fabric in even strokes & voila.. waterproof. It dried super super fast when I sprayed the items & in fact it dried so fast sometimes I didn’t know if I missed a spot or not. I ended up giving things a few layers because I really wanted everything to stay really nice & waterproof. All the fabric still felt like it did originally and nothing was crispy or dis-colored which is awesome. I think the only thing to note about this stuff is the smell.. make sure you wear a mask or are in a very well ventilated area. It got quite stinky & I felt a little dizzy, but the smell also went away quickly after I was done from the air and fabric.”