1. “I don’t like the teacher.”
Instead of calling the principal to get her moved, acknowledge the “loss” of the last teacher while looking for positives in the new one.
2. “I have no friends.”
Encourage your child to give it a little time, and if it persists, set up some one-on-one time with a child in his class. Ask him who he’d like to invite to the movies or have over for dinner.
3. “School is boring.”
Before you call the teacher and ask her to give your child more stimulating work, do nothing for a month. Chances are that some fun and interesting topics or projects have gotten underway by that time!
4. “I hate the bus.”
Hang out at the bus stop the next day to have a quick, friendly word with the driver about what you’ve heard. Ask if your child’s seat can be moved. Most times, this is all it takes to solve the problem.
5. “I don’t feel good and can’t go to school.
Even an hour of extra sleep can ward off sickness, anxiety, or waking up grumpy. Or drive them to school so you can have some time to talk about it.
6. “Lunch is disgusting.”
Ask him to circle the days when the menu seems edible. If he says nothing is edible, let him know it’s time for him to start packing his lunch.
7. “Someone is bullying me.”
If you suspect actual danger, whether physical or emotional, go straight to the teacher and calmly request a meeting.