This time of year every major brand creates a Holiday Gift Set of their most popular products. Perfume companies, skin care lines, gourmet groups and clothing designers all create cost effective bundles to entice you to give your favorite products to those you love….and that should include YOU! Ha!

These sets are crazy good gems!  If you love and use something all of the time, like a face cream or even specialty dish soap, take a minute and see if the company has a gift set. Quite often you can get a bonus travel size, extra introductory products or even a two for one during the holidays. 

I always buy extra gift sets this time of year because they also make great gifts all year long.  This savings can truly add up. 
And when we’re ready to travel again, if you’ve stocked up on gift sets, you’ll have special travel sizes of your favorite products ready to roll!

You can do this! XO

Andy Paige