Sweater Pilling

Uggghh!  I hate those little knit balls that are created by loose-knit fibers that break loose from your sweater yarn. I do all of the things to help prevent them. 
I hand wash my knits in warm water which helps the loose fibers release. I lay my knits flat to dry and even freeze my sweaters to help seal in and tighten the knit fibers. But, still, they pill. 
I have a sweater stone, a knit comb, a battery-powered sweater shaver, and a Velcro-like scraper. They all work to help remove the pills, but this weekend I discovered that a woman’s sensitive skin 5 blade shaver with protective strips make INCREDIBLE sweater shavers. 
Now using a razor is not news, this has always been an option, but you have to be super careful with a basic two blade razor and truth be told, I have “nicked” a few sweaters in my day causing holes….meaning I ruined the sweater. So again, you do have to be extra careful. 
This weekend, I discovered that the sensitive skin razors have built-in protectors that work equally well on knits. The microwires and protective strips capture and push up the pills just like they do hair, and you get a really great result. 
To shave your sweater, you want to lay it out flat and carefully shave in one direction. You’re going to be amazed. 
I depilled all of my favorite sweaters in no time and feel like they’ve been reborn. 
Women’s sensitive skin 5 blade razors! Your sweater’s new best friend!
You can do this! XOA