I can’t be the only one who has a hard time getting my kids to pitch in on household chores! They would rather be doing almost anything else, and who can blame them?!

Elizabeth Allison writer for Scary Mommy came up with a new system. She created a family “Help Wanted” bulletin board and hung it in a high-traffic area of her home.

Here’s how it works…
During the week each family member can write down any chores they would like to help with over the weekend and pins it to the board. They have to be reasonable tasks and her family has found that means they need to be able to be completed in an hour. Each person gets to post 2 requests per week and they must be up by Friday night and completed by Sunday evening.

Then on Saturday morning each family member signs their name to 2 posted requests. And she has found that her boys have a greater sense of control and are more eager toward their responsibilities when they can select their own job. It also has given her and her husband the added benefit of spending time with her kids while taking care of those chores!
And it helps the kids have time to mentally prepare that their weekend will include a few chores.