There is a huge hair movement away from hot irons and heated tools and into heatless solutions that give you big beautiful waves over night while you sleep. 
One of these heatless curl tricks uses tube socks and another uses the soft terry-cloth belt of a bathrobe!
When using the socks, you part your hair in sections and use the sock as the third piece of a braid, wrapping and twisting two sections of your hair around the sock. 

The results are pretty amazing. There are lots of social media videos and posts explaining how it works. 
The bathrobe belt is a little different. You lay the belt across the top of your head and wrap or wind your hair around the belt all the way down to the ends.

This too gives you amazing volume and waves overnight and without heat. 
I’m discovering that these techniques are fabulous for beach vacations or travel. No need to pack a lot of tools. A little effort at night and your hair looks fabulous when you wake up!
You can do this!XOA