Lately, I have been struggling. It has been a grind for the last few months. I am well aware that trials produce maturity. But, the human side of me has been hit pretty hard.

My wife is still without taste or smell since October from last year due to Covid. We have had numerous technology issues behind the scenes at JOY99. A friend of mine recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident. It has just been tough.
I have been praying. I’ve stayed in the Bible reading daily, and this has helped. That said, it has still been a grind.  

A few weeks ago, I heard a speaker challenge the audience to read the Bible aloud when doing devotions. At first, I thought, “That’s a cool idea. But, I doubt I will try it.”  Well, when enough trouble comes your way, you find yourself trying ANYTHING! 

So, I opened up my Bible to Psalm 6, which is entitled, “A Cry for Healing”.  (Why Psalm 6? I truly believe God directed me to that one) It says things like, “Heal Me, Yahweh, for I’m falling apart.”  “I’m worn out with weeping and groaning. Night after night I soak my pillow with tears, and flood my bed with weeping.”  

Then, before verse 8, it says, “He Heard My Cry”. Check this out, “Turn from me, all you troublemakers! For Yahweh has turned to hear the sound of my weeping”. 

WOW! Saying those words aloud really helped me “talk” to God. I was speaking those words directly back to God. Those words written years ago are STILL relevant today! He knew I needed these words.

While I am still not out of the woods with my, “problems”, I am finding much more peace because of Psalm 6.  
When is the last time you read the Bible aloud? God will hear your cry!
~ Tommy