Hat Upgrade

The latest hat upgrade!

We all know that sleeping on a satin pillowcase or wrapping your hair in satin at night is very healthy and good for your hair. The satin helps preserve moisture and shine. It also preserves a blowout. 

Well, some genius realized that winter hats can be really hard on your hair!  Not just the cold, windy air, but also the moisture-depleting wool and heavy textured fabrics in winter hats. 

So, now we have satin-lined winter hats!  Not only are they warmer, they’re much much better for your hair.  Just like with a pillowcase or head wrap, the satin-lined hat or beanie preserves your hair’s moisture and silkiness. It prevents static and prolongs a blowout or any hairdo. 

Hat Upgrade

just in time for ski season and all of your winter outdoor activities. The satin-lined hat is a must-have for better winter hair.