Hair Wax

The hottest product for your hair is more like glue! Ha!  Hair wax sticks are all the rage thanks to celebrities who have made skull-tight buns the must-have look of summer. 

Hair wax sticks rub on and allow you to gather all of your hair and eliminate flyaways, bumps and poofs. You can lay everything down, nice and tight with a bun of your choosing in the back!

This look is quick and sleek, it also allows you to go a couple more days without washing, plus it’s great for just out of the pool or water. Add a little wax stick to the edges for a perfected look. 

But a little word of caution. Don’t wear this slick, tight, overworked style for too many days in a row. Sever tight pulled hair can break and experience root damage. So enjoy your super slick bun and then try a loose braid or chignon. 

Your scalp and hair will be more healthy and happy in the long run. 

You can do this.