Hollywood star of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, and outspoken Christian Chris Pratt recently opened up about meeting his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, at church and how she helped “save” him amid his brokenness. “There was a moment in my life when I was really struggling and felt really broken,” Pratt said during a recent appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show.” “For me, my own journey, (it was about) finding a higher power and leaning on that and being like, ‘Please save me,’ and then feeling saved.” It was during this time that the actor met Schwarzenegger at church, where he was sitting in the front row. “I was in the front row of church — which is like, you kind of don’t want to be like, ‘Woah, who’s that?’ at church. Pratt and Schwarzenegger were married in 2019 and now have two daughters together. The actor said he believes that their love story was all part of God’s plan and that sometimes love can happen quickly when it’s right.