We all need a refresh in January, don’t we?

Here are some GREAT ways to make it a better start.


10 Things to Do at the Start of January 

  1. Review Your Last Month 
  2. Set Fresh Goals 
  3. Create A To-Do List 
  4. Plan For The Coming Month 
  5. Clean Your Room 
  6. Make A Budget Plan 
  7. Let Go Of Your Past 
  8. Declutter Your Phone, Email Inbox, And Computer 
  9. Plan Your Days Out 
  10. Create A Powerful Journal Entry


11 Simple Habits To Start In The New Year 

  1. Start Waking Up Just A Bit Earlier 
  2. Create A Daily To-Do List 
  3. Read One Chapter Of A Book 
  4. Write In Your Journal Once A Week 
  5. 10 Minutes Of Daily Meditation 
  6. Start Exercising 
  7. Use Daily Affirmations To Stay Positive 
  8. Track Your Meals 
  9. Digital Detox For 30 Minutes A Day 
  10. Do A Self-Care Ritual Before Going To Bed 
  11. Organize Something Everyday