Take a look at the message that we received from Tom, a member of our JOY99 listening family, and his ‘God sighting’ at an Onion Stand in Hudsonville.

“Good morning friends.. yesterday I stopped in Hudsonville on Chicago Drive to buy one of those bags of onions on the roadside. Another lady was there and purchased one and I asked her if she had change for a 20. Seeing they were only five bucks, she looked in her purse and said no I don’t but I would like to buy these onions for you as my good deed today. My first time of being on the receiving end of something like this as normally I am on the giving end helping those who are struggling. Then, she said,  “…with one condition. I would like to give you a 3 day challenge to listen to Joy99. I looked at her and immediately said BEST DAY EVER I love Tommy and Brook in the morning and have spoken on their show a few times. Obviously, this caught her by surprise. She then asked me if I would like to pray for JOY99, and you guys. So there we were, standing on the side of the road in Hudsonville, buying onions praying and lifting you up as always. GOD BLESS YOUR MISSION.

Keep an eye open for how, when and where God will show up. Even, at an onion stand.