From our Fashionista, Andy Paige!

You may have noticed that your favorite mascaras are living very short lives these days. The mascara of old, that would stay moist, clump free and last for half a year is down to living a month at best.

Cosmetic companies have figured out we will buy more mascara, more often, because it’s an absolute essential for 90% of women. We will not live without it and we want it to preform!

I don’t know about you, but when my mascara starts to dry up two weeks in, it’s a little infuriating. So here are some tips to lengthening the life of your mascara!

1. Clean the wand each time you use it. Simply wipe the wand with a tissue to insure you’re not adding more dirt or grime to the mascara bottle.

2. Run the closed mascara tube under hot water or let it sit in a cup of hot water. This will keep the formula thin and help prevent drying and clumping.

3. Simply add a drop or two of Visine to your drying mascara. This will help extend the life.

4. Apply mascara with thin, even, alternating coats to get the best results and dip the wand fewer times during applications.

5. Never pump your mascara, roll the wand inside the tube. Pumping it adds air and dries it more quickly.

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