All this month, JOY99 is encouraging you to SHINE brightly for all to see. A few things come to my mind.

  1. The lyrics to, “SHINE” by Newsboys from 1994 say, “Shine. Make ’em wonder what ya got. Make ’em wish that they were not on the outside looking bored. Shine. Let ’em shine before all men. Let ’em see good works and then, let ’em glorify the Lord.”
  2. I love to get my car washed. I come in dirty, and drive away shiny and clean. (oddly similar to how I feel before I come to God) After I get all soapy, and rinsed, I head to the exit where I see this sign:

What a simple, powerful reminder. Though I’m a dirty mess, because of Jesus, I’m cleaned up and READY TO SHINE!