The first day of school is coming! And yes, some parents are ready for the regular fall schedule.  Lisa DiNoto was ready! But she did something special with her time while her sons were at school – she went to Disney World…alone.

While her sons were in school, Lisa headed to the Magic Kingdom, which is really close to where they live in central Florida. As soon as she got there, she got a pin, which Disney World uses to celebrate just about anything and for her special visit, her pin read: “Celebrating the 1st Day of School.”

From there, DiNoto roamed the theme park freely, with no children in tow. She had her photo snapped with various Disney workers all day, who all seemed to get a kick out of her pin. She says the best part of the day was when she met Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, who laughed so hard at the mom’s solo visit pin, she was crying. She even gave DiNoto a special bag of pixie dust and told her, “This is for you and only you. You use it today.”

When Pickup time came, they shared their details of their day! 

Source: Good Morning America