All you need is a few packs of Kool-Aid, some hot water, and 10 minutes of patience!

1. Start by mixing the desired Kool-Aid color/flavor with hot water. Start with one packet and a couple of tablespoons of water. You may need to add more packets and water depending on how long the hair is or how saturated you want the color to be. This is an art, not a science.

2. If you’re doing multiple colors, tie off the different sections of hair to keep the colors separated.

3. Put a towel down on the floor, have the kiddo lie back and dip the desired amount of hair into bowls of the Kool-Aid for 10 minutes. (Depending on their height, you could also have them sit in a chair with their back to a table and put the bowls on the table. Just be sure to drape a towel around their shoulders to protect their clothing from the dye.)

4. Rinse the hair with cool water only (no shampoo) in the shower or sink and air dry or blow-dry to set.

5. That’s it! The color should slowly fade out over the next few weeks. (This will be different for everyone, depending on the color of your hair, how much dye you use, how long you let it set and how often you wash your hair.)

If you’re looking to dye the whole head and not just streaks, check out the other method here!