Yes, indeed designers are jumping in the face mask requirement and developing clothes, tops and dresses with face masks built into them. I actually wore the tank top face mask one a flight recently and it was a welcomed alternative to the N95 mask I wore on my last flight.
I love the concept of creating a face mask from a cowl neck or turtle neck sweater and now that I’ve bought a couple and worn them I’m happy to say that creating this convenience is just a matter of sewing a couple of ear straps on to the sides of the neck hem of your top, dress or sweater.
You can create a tank top, dress or sweater face mask from the cowl or turtleneck by simply sewing 5” strips of matching elastic, ribbon, or fabric to the hem of the neck. This takes about 20 minutes and can make a huge difference in the comfort and look of your outfit.
As I mentioned, I wore the tank top face mask on my last 5 hour flight and I can’t tell you what a difference in made in my comfort and breath ability. It’s worth a try.
Follow me on Pinterest so you can better visualize my instructions. The turtle or cowl neck face mask is sure to be a growing trend and if you can create one from an under used item in your wardrobe, all the better.
You can do this!