There are several different kinds of pontytails! The kind we work out in, go to the beach in, clean the house in and then there is the party pony. The uplifting, youth creating, full, fluffy pony that elongates your face, brings focus to your features and takes 10 years off of your look. 

The key to creating this magic do, is to work with two sections of hair. You’re not going to get that cute, perky look, with perfect tendrils and just the right poof, if you’re working with one wad of hair and an elastic. 

You want to work the crown of your hair and all of the hair below your ears separately. AND you want to ditch the elastic and use a hair bungee. The hair bungee allows you to lock in the sleek or messy look you like without ruining it by pulling it in and out of a round elastic. 

So, take the section of hair below your ears and creat a sleek, groomed ponytail. Use one hair bungee to keep everything perfectly in place. 

Then work the crown as you like. You can back comb it to create height, curl some tendrils, pullout swept bangs or create a side part. once you’ve created the face framing details you like, then strategically add it to the original ponytail with an additional hair bungee. 

Then use a small section of hair to wrap around the hair bungees and fasten the wrapped hair with a small Bobby pen and some hairspray. This is a finishing touch that takes the look to an elevated level, so be sure to hide the bungees with a hair wrap. 

As we head into the Holidays, this is a fabulous look that’s great for 3rd day or hat hair. It’s quick, easy and looks terrific with everything you’re wearing. 

Rock that PONY!  You can do this!XOA