ALL FAMILIES HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Thank you for your generosity!!

Joy99 is partnering with Harvest Stand Ministries, Gerrit’s Appliance, and Standale Home Studio to provide families in need with a nice Christmas!

Harvest Stand Ministries walks alongside these families on a regular basis, but we wanted YOUR help to provide these families with gifts to make Christmas extra special this year!! We encourage you to get together with your family, friends, small group, neighbors, etc. and adopt a family this year!

Please email to tell us which family you’d like to adopt this Christmas season.  All gifts need to be labeled and dropped off at the Joy99 Studio (425 Centerstone Ct. Zeeland, MI 49464) by December 8, 2023.


Family 1 –
Family #1 is a blended family of 9. The 7 kids range in age from 8 to 16, with 2 of the children living with autism. Currently Mom is not able to work due to a health issue. Along with their financial struggles, the are also dealing with a lengthy and difficult child custody situation. Let’s help calm some of the stress this family is going through this Christmas.

Family 2 –
Family #2 is a single Mom of a teenage son. Mom was recently injured at work and is no longer able to work due to her ongoing severe pain. The roof of her home has a severe leak, and she is unable to fix it. Mom’s only request for Christmas is healing so she can be a good mom to her son. Christmas gifts may seem insignificant in their overwhelming situation, but they may bring some joy to their lives this Christmas season.

Family 3 –
Family #3 is a family of 4, with 2 children. Earlier this year, Dad was injured in a biking accident and is not able to work. Due to increased medical bills, there is not a lot of money in the budget for Christmas this year, so we want to try to make this a fun and memorable Christmas for this young family.

Family 4 –
Family #4 is a single grandma with full time guardianship of 2 grandchildren. She is working hard to meet their needs, and most importantly teaching them to know Jesus. Along with financial struggles, this grandma is navigating the dynamics of raising kids for the second time. Let’s pray this Christmas draws them close as a family!

Family 5 –
Family #5 is a single mom caring for her adult child with disabilities, and they are seeking asylum from a non Christian country. After coming from a place where they were treated horribly as women, she is so thankful to be in a place where she and her daughter are treated like human beings with respect and dignity. She shared a verse from Matthew 25, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” She is so thankful to God for their opportunity to live in a place where they are free.

Family 6 –
Family #6 is a single mom caring for 2 adult children with disabilities. This year, mom has been struggling with many health issues, which made her unable to work for a long period of time. Providing for her children physically and emotionally is her priority and can be very challenging. Let’s show them some love and support this Christmas!

Family 7 –
Family #7 is a family of 3 – Mom and Dad who are recent empty nesters just obtained full custody of their niece. As they navigate the challenges of growing closer as a family, let’s show them some of God’s love this Christmas!

Family 8 –
Family #8 is a family of 5, with 3 children. Mom recently had a kidney transplant and is struggling with health issues from medication side effects. Dad is a disable veteran. Due to both of their health issues, it makes it difficult for either of them to work a consistent job. It’s been a very tough year for this young family, let’s make this a really blessed Christmas for them!

Family 9 –
Family #9 is a blended family of 6, with kids ranging in age from 6 years – 13 years old. They are currently navigating the challenge of behavior issues with one of their children and are reaching many dead eneds with how to handle the situation. This has stretched them financially and emotionally. Prayers that God helps them with some solutions, and a Christmas that brings their family close.

Family 10 –
Family #10 is a retired couple struggling to live on their retirement income. They recently celebrated 25 years of marriage, and he celebrated 27 years of being sober! Praising God for these anniversaries! This couple loves to bless the kids in their life at Christmas, but there isn’t ever anything left for each other. Let’s try to make this Christmas a memorable time for them together!