Chambray style!

The lightweight classic denim fabric is making a big return for 2022. After two years of sweats and PJ “fashions”, a little denim structure, buttons, pockets and some fresh ideas are making chambray fabrics and styling the bridge approach back to classic dressing. 

You’ll find dresses, oversized shirts, shackets and blouses in the comfy denim fabric that washes well and offers the look of classic style. 

Most of us have a denim or chambray shirt in our closet or we can easily find one in the resale world. Think about reworking it as a dress, a shrug, a shacket or wear it with something you’ve never considered before. Try and think outside of the fashion norm and enjoy reusing a staple everyone has. 

And the big question…can you wear a chambray or denim shirt with jeans??? The Texas Tuxedo??? Sure. Rules are meant to be broken. Just push the rest of your style. Do something different and unexpected with you accessories, sport a hot new haircut or top the look with a modern oversized blazer. 
Just enjoy your chambray shirts one again! You can do this.