The longer this pandemic goes on, the harder it can be for many of us to keep our spirits up! The Today Show had a segment with different tips to boost your happiness during this time! Here’s what they said:

1.Double down on physical self-care – especially exercise. Research shows that a mere 12 minute walk is sufficient to create an upbeat, happy mood.

2. Improve sleep hygiene. It is recommended to set an alarm to go to bed, just as you would to wake up in the morning.

3. Connect with other people. We’re fortunate that we have so much technology we can use to connect with people who aren’t nearby. Now’s also the time to look out for our loved ones who may not know how to use these technologies. Make sure they’re not left out or isolated.

4. Make your bed and declutter your space. Decluttering can be difficult now, with more people home and a heavier load on your household, but whatever you can do can help give you a sense of control over your life. Making your bed, for instance, actually can make you feel better.

5. Experience nature – even if it is just looking at a photo. Exposure to natural environments has been linked with better general health and less stress. Check out some of these virtual tours that can help you do that!

6. Say thank you. The trick here is to really immerse yourself in gratitude not only by say, writing down a list of things you’re grateful for, but by thanking everyone who crosses your path, including yourself.