For several years now the goal of all makeup was to create a nude wash of shine and contour, blush tones and tan hues. But this season color is back in a big way. 

If you love experimenting with eyeshadow you’re going to love all of the fun, rich, pigmented colors available for your coloring box. 

The real surprise is all of the warm tones like reds, oranges and yellows that really aren’t typical eyeshadow choices, but when applied strategically, they look fresh and fun. 

Of course there are lots of blues, greens, purples and plums. These tones look terrific and seem a little more “typical” if that’s a word that can used for this fun eyeshadow trend. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of makeup and eyeshadow tutorials on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Every possible instruction and support for having fun and not looking like a clown. So if creative makeup is something that interests you, don’t be afraid. Makeup is not a tattoo and and fixes are just a wipe away.

The one tip I will add here is that if you’re going to go bold with your eyes, you want to keep your lips a little more subdued. Bold lips and eyes are just too much, so when playing with eyeshadow plan to play down your pucker.