Best Day Ever Calendar Challenges

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Challenge of the Week!

Find a way to volunteer and serve this week.

Do you regularly volunteer somewhere? Volunteering is a great way to use your time and talents to serve others and our Lord! Are you not sure where to volunteer? Spend some time in prayer asking God to lead you to where he wants you to serve, think about your talents and the things that bring you JOY and how you can use those to serve others! 

Use Hashtag #Joy99BestDayEver on social media to share you’re doing the Best Day Ever Calendar with us!


Join us at Joy99 in stepping up to the Best Day Ever Challenge!!

Each week we will share ideas for spreading joy throughout our communities. God can do so much with even the most simple gestures of joy, imagine the impact it could have if we join together! Let’s join together and show our neighbors the love of Christ!

To keep this encouragement going, we want to say thank you for joining our Joy family on this mission!

Let’s blast West Michigan with JOY together!! 

Bring JOY to your life!

Serve your community!

Bless the people around you and maybe even some strangers!

Join us this week in thanking/encouraging your postal worker or waste removal worker!


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This week’s #Joy99BestDayEver challenge is a you pick! Find your favorite way to spread joy—and do it!
We’d love to know what you choose⬇️

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Join us this week as we work on less screen time and more FACE time with those around us for our #Joy99BestDayEver challenge! ...

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What are your favorite ways to rest?

#Joy99bestdayever challenge:
Rest! Do something that allows you to reflect and enjoy time with God this week.

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