Dragon’s Blood!   Nothing gory from a mythical creature, I’m talking about the centuries old red resin that drips from the Dragon trees, especially the ones found on the Canary Islands.

This sap has been used for medicinal benefits for thousand of years, but specifically the youth benefits are becoming more proven; Especially in the area of sun exposure and correction.

If you’ve been burned this summer or have years of damage you’re looking to reverse consider researching products made with Dragon’s Blood.

With just a quick google search you’ll find that the sap is used for several different things, but major beauty brands are jumping on the band wagon to bring the anti-aging properties to their customers.

I personally have been using a concentrated  Dragons Blood serum for the past year and I do really love it.  As a sun lover, I can really see the difference in my skin. Especially this time of year.

You can do this!!