Not in the mood to go to storage and grab the Christmas tree or load one on the roof of your car….why not just grow a beard and adorn it with beard baubles!
Yep…the fastest growing men’s trend is beard ornaments. Quite literally you can find ornaments designed to grab onto your beard and be worn on your face or you can easily make your own. 
All you need is small ornaments, tiny claw clamps for your hair and a hot glue gun. Simply hot glue the ornaments to the hair clips and then apply to your beard. 
To say this is a conversation starter at a party is quite the understatement. You’ll be the hit of any holiday party and if you want to take things to the next level you can of course die your beard and/or hair green. Yes…they make temporary beard and hair dye…hello Halloween!  Just snag it on line. You can find it on Amazon. 
So what do you think? Can you convince your man to break out of his shell and become the living tree this year?
What a fun way to celebrate your man and his beard!

You can do this. XOA