How to snag big bargains on back-to-school clothes and supplies or any clothes and supplies for that matter!

1.  Shop on Mondays and Tuesdays!  Markdowns and sales are dispatched on Monday mornings and merchandise for special promotions come in, earlier in the week. If you’re doing in-person shopping you’re going to get the best deals and have the best selections earlier in the week. Plan ahead!

2. Decode your favorite store’s secret markdown system. Learn the language of their price tag. For example:
– at Old Navy and Gap if the price ends in a 7 that’s the “price kill” meaning it’s gotta go and is the final markdown. 
– TJMaxx and Marshall’s has a yellow sticker tag. Their markdowns are also set by the time the item has been in their store with a goal of having it gone within 14 days. The date is on the tag and you can use that info to negotiate a markdown. 
– kohl’s uses a square in the upper right corner of their LCD price tag to indicate the item has reached the lowest price of the season. 

3. Always check RAISE and CARDBEAR before you shop. You can buy discounted digital gift cards that will save you an additional percentage off what’s indicated in store. Some current examples are:
– Walgreens: 9% savings- The Children’s Place: 7.6% savings- Office Depot: 26.8% savings- Michael’s: 22.3% savings- JCP: 6.4% savings- Old Navy: 16.4% savings- Staples: 3.3% savings- Kohl’s: 10% savings- Target: 8% savings- Walmart: 6% savings
I love the idea of buying gift cards ahead of time because it forces you to stick to your budget!

There are plenty of ways to save money. Plan ahead, make a list and set a budget.  You can do this!