I had an appointment with my therapist recently. (Yes, I absolutely have a therapist. Being in therapy helps me become the best version of myself!) She asked me what had been going on in my life. I started sharing a long list of recent experiences, responsibilities and expectations placed on me. There were 13 significant life stressors (as she calls them).
She said, “Elsie, just 1 of those things you shared would be incredibly stressful. You listed 13. I realize many of those things are outside of your control. But, how are you planning to find some margin?”
Margin, in this sense, means unscheduled time that you can use in whatever way refreshes you or helps get you back on track with life. Margin is your breathing room.
I replied, “I don’t know….
She started, “Wh-“
I said, “I know, I know, what would help me know? (pause) I guess I need to ask for help.”
She replied, “I think that is a great idea.”
It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Ask for the help you need. But, we don’t often do it, do we? Why not? I don’t do it because I don’t want to burden people, or seem needy. I like to appear strong and that I can handle just about anything. (Ha! That is nowhere near the truth.)
I need help. You need help, and the people we share life with want to help. Helping one another is a gift, and it’s biblical! I believe people want to help each other. They are just waiting to be asked.