I was at an event recently at the Van Andel arena and decided to buy a bottle of water. I knew it would be expensive, but my jaw dropped when I saw it was $8. I was thirsty, so I bought it anyway.
That same water bottle at a hotel would probably be $5. The same water bottle at the gym would probably be $2, and from the grocery store in a pack probably less than $0.50.
In each one of those places, the water was the same. What changed? The location. Wherever the water bottle was located determined the price. What was inside of the water bottle did not change, only its place in time and space did. The value did not change. The location did.
The next time you are somewhere and you are doubting your worth, look around you. Notice where you are located. Nothing about your value has changed. Maybe you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time.