Listen, adulting is hard. Have you ever had one of those moments where you watch someone do something pretty mundane but just slightly different than you do, and you think, “WOW, why didn’t I think of that? That looks so much easier!” I know I have. I found an article that lists out some of those things!

  1. Keep an extra $20 to $50 between your phone and your phone case so you always have extra cash on hand. Very helpful for when you realize you left your wallet at home or there is somewhere that only takes cash.
  2. Store medicine in your purse with a dollar store weekly pill sorter. Acetone will get the weekday labels off and you can have specific doses of certain meds in each compartment.
  3. Carry biodegradable dog poop bags in your purse or car. They’re great for dirty tissues, banana peels, etc. Or you can cover your hand with one when you need to touch something dirty.
  4. Keep a bag in your car with a sharpie, packing tape, scissors and stamps. Such a life saver when you pick up a card, gift or have to mail a package!

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