Abstract statement handbags for 2023!

Are you lugging a basic brown or black handbag?? Put it in the closet and go nuts with a super fun abstract and outrageous handbag for spring summer!

If you can dream it, you can find it in a handbag this year. From the Gucci teddybear bag to the Rubic’s Cube bag,  fringe bags, circle bags, artistic strap bags,  bubblegum bags, honestly the options are endless. What’s out is anything boring or basic. If you update nothing else this season….simply change your handbag….go bold! 

Choose something fun, unique, different than anything you’ve ever had before. Make a statement. Your bag doesn’t have to match anything in your closet. 

This trend is about whimsy, courage, and youth. Just try it. Even if it means just getting something in a bold new color. Change your handbag for spring/summer!

You can do this.