Brooke and her kids…a few years ago

From being celebrated and welcomed with palm branches, to being beaten and hung on a cross. We can’t even imagine how Holy week changed for Jesus. But can we have a little (super simplified) perspective as a parent? I think so.

Do you remember when your kiddos were younger? You were literally their world. The most important person to them. They didn’t even want to go to school because they wanted to hang out with you. They loved you. They needed you. They worshiped you to an extent.

Back to Jesus. The people were looking for a king. They received Jesus with excitement! The very meaning of and use of the Palm branches was to proclaim royal victory. The people expected a warrior, but that wasn’t the point. And the Jewish leaders weren’t having any of it. So many of Jesus’ followers withdrew and by the end of the week, some were even calling for His crucifixion.

As moms, we’ve felt that withdrawal, haven’t we? When our kiddos get acclimated to school and their own friends and many many other influences, we’re NOT the most popular person in their world. No, we’re not dragged out and hung in front of the world, but sometimes we can feel like we’ve gone from being the hero, to being completely insignificant. Stop that. Stop that now.

First of all, the crucifixion and resurrection is the MOST significant event ever. If you’d like to know more about that, click here. But secondly, even if you feel like you’re not the center of your kids’ world anymore, you have laid a solid foundation that will not leave them. Believe that. Those lessons you taught them and the time you invested in them were not insignificant. You matter to them. You will “rise again” in their world. It does come back around. And it’s good.

Brooke and her kids now