So many families right now need a good mix of structure and some flexibility mixed in – and of course a little bit of JOY sprinkled on top!
This Mom created a small family schedule of things to look forward to!

Laura explained:
“I wanted something for me and my kids to look forward to each day, so I posted a list to my fridge of the days of the week and one fun thing each day. (Like Taco Tuesday, Takeout Thursday, Dance Party Friday, Movie & Popcorn Sunday.) I never manage to stick to things like this, but because they’re fun/food-related, we’re 3 weeks in and going strong. It differentiates the days a little and is a tiny bit of structure. Gives me some bones to plan groceries/dinners around to. I see it evolving if we get bored of any of the things, but it’s a tiny little bit of cheer for me right now.”

But your family’s schedule of mini-joys can be anything you like. You could schedule in a family game night, a walk through the park, or a seasonal craft. The trick is to choose things you’d probably do anyway, or that are simple enough to not make you groan at the end of a long day of work and school. The point is not to add to your plate, but to call out a handful of bright spots in the upcoming week so you’ve all got something to look forward to.