Here’s an incredible email that we received last week from a JOY 99 friend before the “For King and Country” show.

Waiting for the show to begin, and I had to share a ‘WOW’ that God has done!

In the lead up to the For King & Country show, I knew my daughter would want to go…. but unfortunately there was absolutely no way I could afford the tickets so I didn’t even try to schedule it into the calendar.

Fast forward to this week and my 16 year old daughter realized the show was tonight! ? she was desperate to go to the show and kept trying all types of creative plots to get there. It got to the point that she was willing to pay for everything from her savings, including a ticket for her Mom and parking.

Then we only have one fully functional car, so I told her a drive to Muskegon wouldn’t be possible. Then we actually found someone willing to loan us a car to get here for the night. ?

We left early in our borrowed car with my daughters savings account money, and when we got to the arena… there was an open parking spot on the street only 1 block away!! No parking fees!

The final hurdle tickets… we got to the front door and was asking where we could find out if there were any tickets …. when someone over heard us and GAVE us two Standing Room Only tickets to get in that they had extra!! I was then concerned that I wouldn’t enjoy myself standing for hours so we checked at the window… and learned that SRO was the only tickets left and if we get in line right away there are CHAIRS for first come first serve in that section!
Thus we kept the tickets, was 4th in line to get in because we were so early, and I am now sitting in a folding chair with that view of the stage for free!!!!

God is SOOO GOOD!!! I just had to share this with everyone!!

(My mom originally typed this,)

I tried to find the guy who gave us the tickets to thank more properly than my astonishment filled stutter. But sadly I wasn’t able to. When he offered them I was so thankful that I wanted to give him a big hug and start to cry. (I was that thankful). I settled for hugging my mom instead.

(This is by me)

To the guy who gave us those tickets, Where ever you are, Thank you so much!!
If it wasn’t for him I would have never been able to afford the FKAC jacket!!

-A JOY 99 friend!