Tauren Wells shared the top thoughts from his Instagram page this week.  He posted: Here are the 9 thoughts that resonated with you all the most from this last year here on my IG. Seeing them again reminds me that God is always speaking and teaching us something if we’re available and willing to listen.  
1. God determines the seasons of our lives.  We can’t choose the season but we can choose our spirit.
2. God’s “no” is not a rejection, it is a redirection.
3. If the Bible is not the basis for your beliefs, your beliefs are broken.
4. God can use broken dreams to awaken better dreams
5. I want to be led by the spirit to impact, not driven by success to impress.
6. God doesn’t call the qualified.  God qualifies the called.
7. God didn’t take the sword out of Goliath’s hand, He put the slingshot in David’s.
8. The blessing ahead is greater than the battle behind.
9. I think the real test of our faith is not just believing God can perform a miracle, but continuing to believe that He is good when he doesn’t.