According to here are 8 foods that can help you sleep!

1. Tart Cherries – they’re high in melatonin which can help regulate sleep-wake cycles.
2. Almonds – An ounce of almonds supplies almost 25% of the magnesium a woman needs each day. We are sorely lacking magnesium in our diets.
3. Oats – people that were on a high carb diet compared to any others.
4. Raspberries – many Americans are falling short on fiber which can take a toll on sleep patterns.
5. Yogurt – your microviome, which is a collection of trillions of bugs in your gut, is connected to your sleep patterns
6. Citrus Fruits – eating foods rich in vitamin C and omega- 3 fatty acids can reduce circulating stress hormones in the body.
7. Salmon – salmon is a top notch source of omega-3 fatty acids.
8. Leafy greens – another magnesium-rich food that can help improve sleep.