Brooke and her Daddy

7 Ways Dads Influence Their Daughters

1. A dad’s leadership at home should be a model of strength and authority, but always tempered by love and compassion.

2. A dad must remember that he is being watched closely by that little girl around his knees.

3. I think it is good to begin “dating” a daughter when she is six years of age, or even earlier.

4. A dad should always look for ways to build the self-confidence of his little girl.

5. A father should keep the lines of communication open throughout childhood, so that he is seen as someone to whom his daughter can turn when she needs advice.

6. God designed men to be the “providers and protectors” of their families. Their daughters should perceive them that way.

7. A father must be the spiritual leader of his family, making clear his devotion to Jesus Christ and to the principles in Scripture.