6 Women of Christmas and What They Can Teach Us about Christ
-Tamer: (Gen 38)
Tamer shows us that Jesus cares for the poor and the cast out. Tamer was cast aside by Judah, but ultimately God created a place for her in the very lineage of Christ! Tamer is mentioned in Matthew but also in 2 Chronicles 2:4 being in the line of David.

-Rahab: (Joshua 2)
Her faith is praised, not only in the Old Testament but in Hebrews as well! Hebrews 11:31 says, “By faith Rahab the prostitute welcomed the spies in peace and didn’t perish with those who disobeyed.” What a beautiful picture of faith for us to trust in Jesus, the Messiah today!

Ruth becomes the great-grandmother to King David, which means Ruth also is in the lineage of Christ! Ruth’s love and ultimately redemption reminds us of her many-great grandson’s ministry to redeem all of mankind. Jesus is the redeemer we see in the book of Ruth.

-Bathsheba: (2 Samuel 11)
Her second son, Solomon, would be king and ultimately, she is listed in the lineage of Christ. Her life reminds us that Christ has come to rid this world of sin and sorrow and His true Kingship will last forever.

-Elizabeth: (Luke 1)
Elizabeth is a great reminder that God works in the hidden season, that sometimes God does answer our prayers, and in the end, our joy is made full when God does all of the work!

Mary wasn’t perfect nor did she live a perfect, sinless life. A young girl, growing up in the Palestine area and part of a persecuted people she probably never thought she would be the chosen one to bring the Savior into this world.